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Online Event-Paulina Springs Books
Date:   11/18/2020
Time:   6:30PM - 8:00PM
Location:   Paulina Springs Books
Event Type:   Community
Audience:   Adults
Cost:   Website for Registration Online
Contact:   541-549-0866

Books in Common NW spends an evening of with two fierce writers of the American West - Pam Houston and Amy Irvine - sharing their recently published collection of letters Air Mail. When the state of Colorado ordered its residents to shelter in place in response to the spread of coronavirus, writers Pam Houston and Amy Irvine--who had never met--began a correspondence based on their shared devotion to the rugged, windswept mountains that surround their homes, one on either side of the Continental Divide. As the numbers of infected and dead rose and the nation split dangerously over the crisis, Houston and Irvine found their letters to one another nearly as necessary as breath. Part tribute to wilderness, part indictment against tyranny and greed, Air Mail: Letters of Politics, Pandemics, and Place reveals the evolution of a friendship that galvanizes as it chronicles a strange new world. Paired together for Orion magazine's "Together Apart" series of letters from isolation, Pam Houston and Amy Irvine wrote to each other from opposite sides of the Continental Divide as they each sheltered in place in Colorado's high country. The two, who met in person only after publication of Airmail, kept writing--their letters forged a friendship and became Air Mail.

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