IEE ProgramOutlaw Interdisciplinary Environmental Expedition (I.E.E.)

The Interdisciplinary Environmental Expedition (I.E.E.) course is composed of a community of learners working together to gain a balanced, in-depth understanding of the world around them.

Using an integrated approach, students will be provided with the educational opportunity to study and learn about the natural environment through a hands-on format. Students will learn critical thinking skills experientially by applying knowledge and skills to their surroundings. Students will be given the necessary tools to create positive change within their community and possibly even the world around them.

This course is committed to developing community partnerships that result in a shared vision of stewardship and a sense of appreciation for and responsibility to the world around us.  Above all, this course is committed to providing non-traditional education that not only challenges students, but makes learning relevant.

Core Beliefs of the I.E.E. Program and Leadership

Learning and understanding will increase when students can see and apply connections to relevant situations.The key concepts of stewardship and responsibility can truly be learned by experiencing and problem-solving within the natural environment. To solve contemporary and future problems, students must develop and practice teamwork skills.  Experience-based learning develops knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate future decision-making.  Active learning promotes awareness and appreciation of our environment. A love and respect for the natural environment must be developed and nurtured.  Knowledge and practices nurtured at this time, promote lifelong health, wellness, and learning.

Program Components:

Students at the Junior level at Sisters High School are eligible to participate in the I.E.E. program which covers three subjects: English, Environmental Science, and Outdoor Recreation in the period of 2 trimesters.  Students spend a two-period afternoon block working on this program which build up to two major 3-day expeditions and numerous field study opportunities.

Students, parents, teachers and community members say there are many benefits to the I.E.E. Program including:

  • Career Preparation
  • Easier transition to college or career
  • Teamwork and teambuilding exercises
  • Utilizing critical thinking skills
  • Relevant education
  • Helped to give students a sense of place and tie them in with their own community
  • This program has helped to foster community partnerships
  • Raised the bar with students, for example, and demanded excellence. 
  • Students are required to give presentations to community audiences (other than their peers) which encourages public speaking and preparation skills.
  • Teaches students to be open-minded and look at multiple sides before making a decision.
  • Decision and critical thinking skills based on research.
  • Encourages awareness in community activities.
  • Showcases to students they can have a voice in community events and public process.
  • Students receive 3 credits (vs. the normal 2)

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