The Americana Project is an innovative music and arts education program with deep community outreach. Classes each day at both Sisters High and Middle schools provide opportunities for self-expression in music and many visual-arts mediums.

Students learn to play guitar, write songs, record, engineer, perform and, through the Community Luthier program, build custom guitars and ukuleles. Young people in Sisters also work with national, regional, and local guest artists, where they are mentored and great insight is shared on life as an artist, from the business to the art form.

From kindergarten through high school, kids in Sisters are exposed to and have immersive experiences in all aspects of Sisters Folk Festival programming. Through their exposure to guest artists, guitar- and ukulele-building, and participation in My Own Two Hands, young children expand their thinking to see the arts as a lens through which to view life, and a poet’s perspective as being valuable.

These young folks participate in classes, community events, and song-writing academies that enhance their skill-sets and artistic vision. Select high school students have the opportunity to teach, mentor, and intern in community radio, recording/engineering, and with the Sisters Folk Festival organization. Many of our alumni go on to find meaningful work in artistic endeavors as recording artists and engineers, performers, luthiers, graphic designers, and teachers. Students for over a decade have received scholarships as well as providing great service within the community.

The Americana Project also includes outreach programs and opportunities for participants including the Americana Song Academy and Academy for Youth provided by the Sisters Folk Festival.

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