Outlaw Mandarin Chinese

Outlaw High School Students Learn Mandarin

The Mandarin Chinese language program in the Sisters schools consists of 36 students ranging from 7th-12 grades meeting at Sisters High School.   There are also classes in both Chinese language and cultural introduction for all students at Sisters Elementary School. 

The Sisters Mandarin Chinese language program began in the fall of 2008.  The program is enthusiastically supported by parents, members of the community, and district administration; in particular the superintendent and the school board.  Our school board has not only endorsed the Chinese program, but is pushing to expand it.  There are currently 3 teachers in the program. 

  • David Perkins, who studied Chinese at the University of Kansas and the Stanford Center in Taipei, Taiwan, and lived in Asia for 26 years as a businessman.  Mr. Perkins has also been rated a fluency level 11 as a translator by the Oregon Judicial System.  Mr. Perkins is a full-time Sisters resident. 
  • Vivian Zhang, a visiting exchange teacher from Hebei Province in northern China who assists Mr. Perkins at the High School.
  • Eva Xu, a visiting exchange teacher from Henan Province in north-central China, teaches full time at the Elementary School. 

The program, in hopes of expansion is applying for a 3rd visiting exchange teacher, and plans to transition to immersion Chinese at Sisters Elementary School.  In addition, there are hopes to establish an introduction to Chinese culture and language class at the Sisters Middle School, offering students exposure to Chinese throughout the Sisters K-12 experience.  Sisters is a destination School District for Chinese language and culture learning.  

Currently, the program at Sisters High School offers a series of courses that will help students develop a working knowledge of the Mandarin sound system, basic sentence structure, and fundamental grammatical concepts with related terminology. The basic language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing will be targeted throughout the courses. Students will also be introduced to the cultural and geographic environment of China.  

Advanced Placement Chinese courses are also available allowing students to receive college credit.  These advanced courses will help students receive varied opportunities to further develop interpersonal and interpretive skills as well as working through the five-goal areas as outlined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century.

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